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About The Xchain Wallet

Xchain Wallet aims to be the first easy-to-use wallet, NFT marketplace and launchpad combo providing an all-in-one DeFi platform for swapping, staking, farming, NFT trading etc. while paying holders 80% of all it's ecosystem profits as dividends.

This would also be the first in series of community-driven projects under the XCHAIN Network with the XWALL TOKEN fueling the entire ecosystem.





80% of all transaction fees accumulated from the swaps, bridges, NFT Marketplace and the wallet will be distributed to holders as dividends.


Holders would be able to stake and harvest XWALL directly from the Xchain wallet app and earn crypto rewards.


XWALL token would be used to pay transaction and support fees on the Xchain wallet


The XWALL token will be a utility token operating on any blockchain platform that XCHAIN deploys in the future.


XWALL holders will be automatically eligible to participate in ILOs on the Xchain launchpad


XWALL token holders will be the main force behind company decisions and submit their votes on any new development

XWALL Tokenomics

Token SymbolXWALL
Token NameXchain Wallet
Contract Address0xf2f57a617103350ba313ae33ad99ff1ad6cbe8bb
Max supply1,000,000,000,000 (60% Burned so far)
Circulating supply--
Tokens Burnedunsold presale Tokens
Token TypeBEP20

Presale Proceeds

  • Liquidity (65%)
  • Platform development (20%)
  • Marketing and sales (10%)
  • Overhead expenses (5%)

Token Distribution

  • Presales (50%)(unsold tokens burned)
  • Ecosystem (15%)
  • Liquidity (20%)
  • Team (5%)
  • Marketing (5%)
  • Airdrop (5%)

Xchain Wallet features

-Explore Dapps
A simple and most secure way to connect to blockchain-based applications. You are always in control when interacting on the new decentralized web

- Security
Xchain wallet generates passwords and keys on your device, so only you have an access to your accounts and data. Use private keys, mnemonic phrases. 2-factor authentication, fingerprints and more

- Exploring, store and transfer NFTs
XChain Wallet is a would be a gateway which connects you to store, transfer NFTs safely. You can watch your NFTs everyday.

- user friendly
Highly intuitive and user friendly mobile application for accessing the blockchain with no hidden fees or tech background needed.



Q3 - 2021
  • Market research
  • Website launch
  • Android app UI/UX design
Q4 - 2021
  • Initial marketing
  • Android App launch(v.1) (BSC and ETH)
  • private sales
  • Contact audit(TechRate/Certik)
  • Pre-sales, airdrops
  • PCS listing
  • Coingecko/coinmarketcap listings (fasttracked)
  • CEX listings
  • App release (v.2) (swaps,staking, other network support)
  • Launching Xchain launchpad
  • IOS App launch on Testflight
Q1- 2022
  • More partnerships and Ads
  • App release (v.3) (Airdrop and payment portal)
  • NFT marketplace (swaps/staking)
  • XCHAIN locks and vesting
  • Xchain multi-blockchain swaps
Q2 - 2022
  • Marketplace (platform expansions)
  • Launchpads for more networks
  • Cryptocurrency innovations
  • Huge marketings
Q3 - 2022
  • Launching XWALL Charity foundation
  • More partnerships
  • Diversification to other crypto innovations

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